The Many Advantages of Organic Turf Supplies Over Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular because of its reputation for being eco-friendly. After all, synthetic grass doesn’t require fertilizer, water, or any mowing. On top of that, the latest generation of synthetic grass usually looks as great as real grass.

However, synthetic grass isn’t all about positive things. It also has its own share of downsides. This is why organic turf supplies are still preferred by many homeowners and landscapers alike. To help you reach a good decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both organic turf and synthetic grass.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is a true carpet for the outdoors as it directly solves the main environmental issues of organic turf. It doesn’t need any moving, feeding, and watering. There are also manufacturers that use recycled materials like plastic bottles or old tires. And although expensive, the life expectancy of synthetic grass can reach up to 25 years that make it more affordable compared to organic turf throughout its life span.

Drawbacks of Synthetic Grass

Even though synthetic grass feels and looks like the actual thing, there are people who can never get past the thought that it is plastic. Its water-saving benefits are praised but synthetic grass has environmental drawbacks as well. This product is petroleum-based that can produce waste and pollution during the manufacturing process. While this is usually made with recycled materials, synthetic grass is not biodegradable. Once its long life of 15 to 25 years comes to an end, it will ultimately find its way in the landfill.

Many critics also consider synthetic grass as an environmental heater. This can absorb heat. It may also feel hot to touch when exposed under direct sun. Synthetic grass also has mixed reviews among pet owners. It doesn’t absorb well animal waste although this is permeable, allowing liquids to pass through and reach the soil below.

Benefits of Organic Turf Supplies

Lawns are beautiful things that look like they have their own emotions. Like pools, lawns also have their own unique emotional values. Organic turf supplies can make any lawn or garden look serene, lush, and beautiful.

If you are a bona fide gardener who loves to get down and dirty in your lawn, you will surely love using organic turf supplies. A well-maintained, well-watered, and healthy lawn can help boost soil stability because of its wide and deep-running root structure. The underground root network can help lessen soil erosion and degradation from water and wind. The soil will be held together, making it more suitable for growing whatever you wish to grow.

There is also no denying the alluring aesthetic appeal of a tidy, neat, and well-maintained lawn with organic turf. Your lawn will literally sparkle, almost like a shiny emerald that can make you the envy of passers-by and neighbors. Organic High Quality turf supplies also feel great underfoot, particularly during warmer months. Everyone will love to chill out in the lawn while feeling the soft natural grass beneath your feet.


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