We are purchasing our own Forklift

Forklifts come in different types, each of which is carefully crafted for very specific applications, offering a unique set of features and benefits. Choosing the best forklift that suits your needs is crucial to ensure productivity and efficiency. Modern types of forklift now come with reusable batteries. The battery-operated forklift has seen a considerable rising popularity in industries and warehouses alike as an alternative to old LPG lifts. The switch is not a surprise as people are now paying closer attention to the preservation of the environment. Unlike fuel-consuming systems, battery-operated systems allow a lesser amount of pollutants emitted to the atmosphere while keeping operators safe from breathing in toxic substances. Thanks to their strict economic profiles, the battery-operated lifts also guarantee considerable savings in terms of maintenance and fossil fuel purchase.

So we are into a Battery Operated Forklift

A battery-operated forklift is a necessary tool in many industries and warehouses. But, how does it work? As you already know, an electric forklift doesn’t feature an internal combustion engine. Instead, it also has a battery as well as a driving motor that facilitates the lifting of the materials. These days, technology swapped the old DC or direct current electric motors for modern AC or alternating current ones.

The key difference is obviously in the manner of operation. A DC motor takes power straight from the available battery voltage. With every reduction in the charge is a proportional reduction of the performance of the lift.

An AC motor lets the lift retain its performance even after the reduction in the charge. It means that the driver of the lift can rely on the battery power for as long as it doesn’t need replacement or recharging.

Battery-operated forklifts need an AC power port where they can be plugged into and a specific area for hosting a spare battery.

Depending on the working environments and specific needs, a forklift can come in all sizes and shapes. Below are modern types of forklift with reusable batteries:

  1. Class 1 – The electric motor rider trucks can support a weight of 8,000 to 15,000 pounds. The sit-down lifts come in two primary models that feature 3 to 4 wheels. These are usually powered by the 80 volt AC pump motor and brushless AC drive motor.
  2. Class 3 – The electric motor hand trucks or also called as walkies can lift weights of 4,500 to 8,000 pounds. A 24-volt battery powers these lifts that have the ability to work even at extremely low temperatures.
  3. Class 2 – The electric motor narrow-aisle trucks include all lifts operated while standing up with a lifting capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. These lifts use a 36-volt AC control system with a multifunctional joystick powering them.
  4. Class 6 – The internal combustion engine and electric tow tractors are available in three primary types including sit-down ride, walkie-ride, and walkie. Their tow capacity reaches as much as 2,000 pounds. These forklifts are known as the only ones that have the ability to form a train, moving several trucks simultaneously and costing as much as 70% lesser than the rest of the IC models.

So for us, we will get just the Class 3. That is suitable for what we need at the moment. At the same time, a forklift battery supplier already reached to us and they are going to support us with our needs.

Last updated: January 16, 2020


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