8 Benefits of Travelling

Even if you reside in a high-spirited country, having an interesting job and active social life, nothing can ever replace the aura of unique experiences that traveling can offer. That is why everyone keeps on exclaiming how important it is to travel in various countries. Visiting a different country can open your eyes and perspective […]

How to Travel Safely with Kids

Discovering new places with friends and family is one of the goals in life, yet, it can be dreadful for some when they have to travel with kids.  Travelling with children can bring delight and challenge to the parents. It takes a lot of preparation, a bunch of commonsense and alertness. Some parents prefer to […]

Where to Travel in Winter Australia

Australian trips are in the bucket list of most people. In fact, it is every traveler’s dream to enjoy summer months in the Land Down Under. But, what many don’t realize is that the winters in Australia is an equally fabulous time of the year. The best thing about traveling during colder months is that […]

Best MUSIC Trends in Christmas 2019

Christmas is a celebration to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ / Jesus Christ. So religious Christmas musics are songs that tell about the greatness of the process of the birth of Jesus. Christmas songs of this type are songs that are part of ecclesiastical worship because the lyrics of the song are something that […]

We are purchasing our own Forklift

Forklifts come in different types, each of which is carefully crafted for very specific applications, offering a unique set of features and benefits. Choosing the best forklift that suits your needs is crucial to ensure productivity and efficiency. Modern types of forklift now come with reusable batteries. The battery-operated forklift has seen a considerable rising popularity in […]

The Many Advantages of Organic Turf Supplies Over Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular because of its reputation for being eco-friendly. After all, synthetic grass doesn’t require fertilizer, water, or any mowing. On top of that, the latest generation of synthetic grass usually looks as great as real grass. However, synthetic grass isn’t all about positive things. It also has its […]

Christmas Caravan 101

Christmas is still one of the biggest celebrations in the world. Whether you are a Christian or not anyone is welcome to celebrate during the holidays. Most countries have their way of enjoying this season, but family, good food and merrymaking will never be left out on everybody’s list. Australia is one country or continent […]

Welcome to Christmas Cove Caravan Park & Lifestyle Village!

Lakeside at beautiful Caravan Park, just south of Port Macquarie, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Christmas Cove offers the most value packed, quality accommodation available in the Camden Haven area! Family Friendly Accommodation With a choice of: Ten overnight, ensuite cabins, including a Disabled/wheel chair friendly cottage overlooking lakefront, and Self-contained spa cottage, […]

The Bridge Family Says “Thank you”

Following the passing of my father recently our family, who came from all over Australia, booked out all of the over-night cabins at Christmas Cove Caravan Park. We stayed for over a week while arranging the Funeral at Wauchope and gathering together thereafter. The owners and staff members were very welcoming during this time of […]